In a Queens Court, Women in Prostitution Cases Are Seen as Victims – New York Times

Many women and men from all over the world come to the USA and ask for a U-Visa, which is the Visa for victims of Crime, even though they have the right to apply for and obtain an immigrant visa in the USA for being abused or victims of crime in their home country, they immigration process is not easy on them, and hiring the attorney with the right experience and motivation to help them can be decisive in their cases:

Este artículo ha sido creado con fines de informar al público con respecto a las leyes de inmigración vigentes en la fecha de su publicación. Las leyes pueden haber cambiado y la información en esta publicación puede haber perdido relevancia. Se les aconseja llamar a nuestra oficina al (619) 717-2233 para hacer una consulta sobre su caso.

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